Vista & Mobile Devices

Put: 23.02.2007 | Rev 23.02.2007 | Contributed by Andrew Mallett

ActiveSync is not compatible with Vista. Microsoft has replaced it with Windows Mobile Device Centre, which does not come bundled inside Vista as standard. When I connected my HP Ipaq hx4700 to my Vista system there was no prompt to install WMDC, it just recognised the memory cards and asked what it wants me to do with them..

Worse still, I was then prompted to delete all files on the CF Card as Vista tried to push its Windows Media Player library in my face. Watch which button you press there folks! More helpful might have been just a browser window logged onto the files on the card.

If I didn't know about WMDC then I wouldn't be able to sync my Pocket PC. Find it on Microsoft's website (link below). After the usual validity check that your Vista version is genuine, you are allowed to download and install it..

As usual you ACCEPT without reading all the crap..

An attractive Window pops up confirming physical connectivity. Continue by clicking "Set up your device.."

Synch with one computer or two..?

If you were already synching with two systems, sadly you have to end one of those relationships..

Select which services are to be synched..

Give the PDA a name..

Vista synchs..

Behold, Windows Mobile Device Center..

Links & References

Windows Mobile Device Center at Microsoft

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