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You always know when you've arrived for duty at Random House. If the acrid stench of stale piss doesn't get you first, then the low, almost subliminal murmur of hushed voices interspersed with the occasional cackle of maniacal laughter will. And that's just coming out of the staff room..   [more]

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An obvious start, urine was the most popular fluid by far. Perhaps surprisingly, it was most frequently encountered in toilets, which were themselves most frequently encountered in the un-flushed state. But this was a good thing. We were very happy to find urine in the toilet. Mainly because of all the other places we also encountered it..   [more]

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These people are constantly striving to prove they know more and are better than anyone else (actually due to significant underlying feelings of personal inadequacy). They usually do not like to engage in group/class activities; ostensibly as they tell themselves, because this is beneath their ability, but actually due to poor interactive skills..   [more]

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