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Jumpy Cursor

Andys Tech Tales The boss called me into his office the other day for an IT problem. He's pretty tech-savvy so this doesn't happen very often.

"Take a look at this Andy," he said, "I can't work out what the hell's going wrong with this screen.."

His workstation is a laptop with a couple of large screens plugged in. He also uses an external keyboard and mouse. The man was trying to type a password into a web page but the insertion point cursor was whizzing along from left to right, apparently under its own volition.

"I've never had this happen before, think I should reboot..?"

Having absorbed some of my previous fixes, he was on the mark for a possible quick-and-easy fix by restarting the system. However on this occasion the fix was even quicker and easier!

I'd seen a similar phenomena before and the clue was he was using a laptop rather than a PC.

I glanced down, "Looks like you've got your mobile phone sitting on top of the mouse cursor pad..!"

Being the sensitive bloke that he is, I knew he'd be somewhat embarrassed at the 'obvious' gaff so I didn't hassle him too much. I think it was possibly the quickest fix of my career..

- AndyM

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