Tech Tales From Hell

Stories old and new from IT support...

Circa 2003: It's not easy being a Tech Support Person in this day and age y'know. In the old days you could get away with a certain amount of technical knowledge, a strong screwdriver arm and an offhandish manner. But not any more.

Jethro!These days you gotta have 'people skills' and talk nice to end users and help them with stuff and explain things in clear, easy to understand politically-correct, nontechnical language.

Why, you aren't even allowed to punch people out any more. I mean really, all the fun has gone out of working in Tech Support.

Now, there was a time I used to love the job. I couldn't wait to get to work and start fixing things and helping out all those needy end user types with their difficult computer problems. Ah yes, the mid nineteen-nineties were a heady time of omnipotence, of savoir faire...of carte blanche...of Jacques Chirac..and other French things.

But I digress. Come and meet a few end-users. They've been dying to meet you and one of them says can you take a look at his printer-jam, y'know, while you're here..

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