Disk Preparation
Manage Floppies with Winimage
Disk Preparation

So you know how to create a boot floppy the proper way. Here's a method of managing your floppy disks by archiving them to files on your hard drive or a CD. Winimage is a program which lets you take 'images' of your floppy disks in much the same way as Norton Ghost images hard disk partitions.

Using Winimage, it's not necessary to keep hundreds of old floppies boxed away, just in case they're ever needed again. Simply image and archive all your disks and then give the re-formatted old floppies away to forgetful TAFE students. If you need a floppy, then just create one using a blank disk with the archived image from your collection.

This program really comes into its own for making bootable floppy disks. Winimage supports full drag and drop, with easy file insertion/removal from an image archive. Instead of having to SYS a floppy every time, simply make an image of a bootable floppy and drag and drop other files to/from the archive, saving it to another file name as you go. Easy.

Using Winimage

No installation is necessary. Run Winimage from a network share or copy the files to a Winimage folder and run Winimage.exe. Go to OPTIONS, Winimage Mode Selection to select Professional Mode for increased functionality. Winimage can also be cracked -er, registered from this menu.

To save a new floppy image, insert the 3.5" inch disk, start Winimage and press CTL-R to read the disk. Winimage will give a full directory listing, then press CTL-S to save the disk as a .imz file.

Read Disk/Write Disk with Winimage

To write an image to a floppy [overwrite the floppy], start Winimage and press CTL-O and navigate to the folder containing the required .imz file. Once Winimage has opened the .imz file with a directory listing, press CTL-W to write the image to the floppy disk. Don't forget all previous data on the floppy will be overwritten

Winimage Files

TAFE only Find Winimage under

Here you will also find images for:
Windows 98SE Setup [boot with CD drivers]:  w98_boot.imz
Andy's celebrated 4-in-1 Network boot disk:  4-in-1_2006.imz

Click on the icon far right to go to the Winimage Website..

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