Creating VCDsCreating VCDs Thrill friends and family with an image slideshow displayed on your very own home DVD player

Hi-Fi type domestic DVD players don't play data CDs, but there is a way to get images from your computer onto the telly - behold VCD. Video CDs are they are also known can be used in a similar way to DVDs, although the quality is more comparable to VHS. VCDs never hit the big time Down Under, but the Asian countries just can't get enough of them. Interestingly VCD has been around longer than DVD so most domestic DVD players will play them, although they will have to be of the newer CD-R compatible type, of course.

At the moment Nero seems to be flavour of the month and it certainly does a good job in most circumstances, so this is what I am currently using. All images must be converted to .jpg format for them to work in VCD mode.

Put a writable CD in the slot and fire up Nero. Kill the wizard if it pops up. Go to File | New ans select 'Video-CD' on the left hand side. Select PAL or NTSC [most TVs outside the USA use PAL, inclusing Australia].

Click New. Use the Nero browser to locate the image files. Highlight the files and drag and drop onto the VCD pane. The images will be listed as 'tracks'. Go for your life with adding files, but keep a check at the bottom of the screen on the time/space meter so you don't add more than the disc's capacity.

You will need to arrange the files into the desired display sequence. For a manual slide-show, right click on any image, select Properties and change the pause duration to 'infinite'. This can be performed on multiple files at a time by holding down the Shift key or alternatively adjust the pause number to the number of seconds required, for an automatic slide show. Finally go to File | Burn or click on the burn button.

That's about it as far as the burn goes. The disc should now work in compatible DVD drives. If there is a problem with reading the discs, you could try burning at a slower rate which will reduce the likelihood of write errors.
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