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Dateline February 2007 | Contributed by Andrew Mallett

Tired of figuring out how to neatly and efficiently label your CDs and DVDs? I am. Hewlett-Packard has come up with a simple solution - use the same laser that burned the data, to make the label on the other side of the disc. Hey, spot the BIG BRAIN on the man at HP..!

A technology called LightScribe enables drives to burn a silk-screen-like, high-contrast label on the topside of CD or DVD media with a LightScribe dye coating. After completing a data burn, users are prompted to flip the disc over so they can burn a label onto it.

The first LightScribe-enabled drives and media suppported monochrome only (like black & white photos) and later versions are promising colour. You've gotta buy a LightScribe enabled disc to use the feature, it won't burn a label onto your common-all-garden, twenty-bucks-a-spindle, vicious little Chickenfeed specials.

A number of manufacturers have licensed the technology to integrate into their DVD drives, media, and software. Among them are Hitachi-LG, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, MicroVision, Moser Baer India, and Sonic Solutions. Prices for drives and media are coming down all the time.

The Drive

My existing DVD burner is a Lite-On SOHW model which supports DVD+/-RW and dual layer, although the continuing higher price of DL discs has not enthused me to experiment with this media yet. I have a CD Stomper kit which I used about once (like my colour printer) and I do use printable DVD blanks, but don't own a disc printer. So up until now, like most avid burners, I've had to make due with the trusty felt tip pen and a steady hand.

However for sheer professionalism and pizzazz, it's hard to beat a properly prepared disc label. Being an early adopter of (sensible) technology, I was keen to try out this new fangled burnscript..scriptlight..laserscript..I still have trouble remembering what the hell it's called.

At the time of writing, DVD burners are rapidly approaching that rock-bottom point where all new self-respecting computer systems would have nothing less than a DVD+/-RW DL DVDRW LH-18A1H

Double-clicking on the ISO should open it with a CD buring program, such as NTI.
If not, select Open With and Choose Program..

- A.

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