Create a CD from an .ISO image file
Disk Preparation

ISO stands for International Standards Organisation, which is a group of groups dedicated to getting standards set for various engineering, electrical and other endeavour. Hence an .iso file is an open standard for an image of a CD or DVD.

The image file is made by 'ripping' the disk using specific software, which archives all the files and folders into one file and then applies some form of compression, just like WinZip and other archiving programs.

To perform the reverse and recreate the CD from the .iso, folow these steps..

In the case of ISOs stored on IT.NET, go to the discs link on Flash Web (TAFE IT.NET access only) and find the image file hyperlink. Right click on the link and save to your hard disk..

Under Internet Explorer, Save Target As..

Find the required ISO file...

Under Mozilla Firefox, Save Link As..

Find the required ISO file...

In this case, the file is saved to the Desktop folder..

Saved to Desktop folder..

..and so it appears on the user's Desktop, d'uh!

..appearing on the Desktop

Double-clicking on the ISO should open it with a CD buring program, such as NTI.
If not, select Open With and Choose Program..

Open the ISO file with..

The NTI executable lives at:
C:\Program Files\New Tech Infosystems\NTI CD-Maker\cdmkr32.exe. Clicking on the Open button after selecting this string should present the NTI burn dialogue box, prompting the insertion of a blank CD and a selection of the burn speed.

Point the ISO to NTI CD Maker..
- A.

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