Disk* Preparation
and Storage
Floppy Management Disk PreparationStorage ManagementStorage Management

Hard Disk Management
Doing Things in the Right Order
Partitioning Theory
Partitioning Practice
Disk Formatting
Beware of Cluster Sizes
Hard disks and RAID
Doing the SATA thing
Limitations of Hard Disk Sizes
More Detail at PC Guide.com
Floppy Disk Management
Creating a Boot Floppy
Floppy Management with Winimage
Make a 4-in-1 Boot Disk
Device Drivers on a floppy
Change your 4-in-1 Disk Logon ID

USB Eulogies
Creating a Bootable USB Drive
Creating a 4-in-1 USB Drive

Hard Disk Imaging
Using Norton Ghost
Norton Ghost 2003
Getting NIC drivers when ghosting
Automating Norton Ghost
Overcoming Ghost automation problems
Using Ghost: Tips and How-Tos (.pdf 218K)

Media and Storage - General
Burn a CD from an ISO file
DVD Burning
Labelling with LightScribe
Creating a VCD slideshow
On DVD Players and Regioning
Copying a DVD Movie
Build the Ultimate Backed-up System

* And other types of storage media, of course..

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