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Time: 09:13:40

YouTube: 'Simulation Lab'

The presenter look like she just took a day out of her high school curriculum to present the show. But as is later pointed out, simulation is much better than the traditional 'See one, do one, teach one', which is quite frankly dangerous in my opinion.

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Man that chick really whacks that laryngoscope around. Goodbye teeth - Jackass
I agree. Youve just gotta practice this sort of thing. Can you imagine teaching an entubation after just doing it once! - Tam
Why doesn't anyone use their first name in America? - Justin Y.
Hey is that yellow thing an oxygen tent??? - anon.
Fastest intubation ever. See how that dude just whacks the scope into the dummies mouth.
- Captain Zub
I could swear that dummy's got a hard on in his shorts - do they make them that realistic?
- Friar
You obviously gotta hold your own mouth right to intubate - Griff


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