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Time: 22:33:36

Simulations on YouTube

'Sim Man' - Possibly one of the most boring video snippets ever..
'i can't live without my heinz' - whaaah!?
'Vital Sim Anne' - Vital Sim Anne gets her NG tube flushed..
'Clinical Simulation Lab' - Complete with Kevin Bacon nose, the UNE music is upbeat..
'Code Blue at the Clinical Learning & Simulation Facility' - A very polite doctor directs his team..
'Simulation Lab' - The presenter looks like she just took a day off her high school curriculum.
'Medical simulation center opens at York Hospital' - New equipment at York Hospital.
'UMSNH Ciberhospital' - Smooth BLS techniques, airway..intubation..hip hop music.
'Pulse!! Video - Usage Footage' - Virtual workup - where gaming meets reality. Quite clever really.

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