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SimMan 3G is Here

The next generation of simulated mannequins from Laerdal, SimMan 3G is state-of-the-art, combining wireless technology with a new Instructor Mode operating scheme.

Claimed to be more sophisticated and yet easier to operate than its predecessors, SimMan 3G is aimed variously at hospital, ambulance and military environments.

Features include eye signs, bleeding, convulsions, secretions and drug recognition.
It's new at www.Laerdal.com.

Simulation Innovations

First impressions of the mighty SimMan 3G

Andrew Mallett talks about new developments in simulation technology with the auspicious arrival in Australia of the latest human simulation mannequin from Laerdal Medical.

The concept of simulation training has been with us for literally centuries. In mediaeval times, knights would practise charging at a static target, jousting sticks aloft in an attempt to achieve mastery of knocking ones opponent from his horse. The concept of direct feedback is not new either, as the quintain was mounted on a pivot and a heavy sack was ready to swing around on impact, knocking the unwary knight from his own horse if he was not ready.

In more recent times, high levels of simulation excellence have been developed through agencies such as the military. Simulated training for aircraft flyers started in the early 1900s with pilots honing their basic 'stick and rudder' techniques and has developed into the high fidelity, sophisticated multi-million dollar flight simulators of today.

Despite these fine achievements in aviation, it is much harder to achieve similar degrees of human 'artificial realism', due to the complexity of the human machine. However, subsequent iterations of human mannequins from leading suppliers are offering increasing levels of sophistication and human simulation for health practitioners is really coming of age..


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