Writing about psychiatry and computing whilst pursuing a keen interest in things mediaeval and macabre.

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Andy is responsible for inflicting a number of websites on an unsuspecting public, reflecting his interests in forensic psychiatry, information technology, psych nursing and other extraneous paraphilia paraphernalia. Originally hailing from the Anglo-Saxon-Norman town of Norwich in England's green-and-pleasant land, he has worked in various fields including IT, nursing and psychotherapy and has taught stuff at colleges and universities too.

Nowadays our lad exorcises his daemons in Van Diemens Land where he exercises his passions for writing and photography and indulges a moderate case of coimetromania.

These pages contain the grave consequences of such activities and should provide some macabre musings for the darkly inclined..

Anecdotes from the smorgasbord of life..


The infamous transorbital lobotomy was a blind operation, in that the surgeon did not know for certain if he had severed the nerves or not. A sharp chisel-like object would be inserted through the eye socket between the upper lid and eye. When the doctor thought he was at about the right spot, he would hit the end of the instrument with..  [more]

Architectural History

DRAYTON OLD LODGE | Upon Fastolf shuffling off this mortal coil in 1459 the Lodge was left to his relatives, the auspicious Paston family. At the time the somewhat avaricious Duke of Norfolk coveted Caister Castle, Sir John's largest property, while the Duke of Suffolk had designs on Drayton and besieged it with a view to..   [more]

I see dead people

Claus's particular claim-to-fame in certain circles, is his technique of preserving the body parts by sealing them with a secret recipe of chemicals, thus preventing the natural decay of the tissues.. [more]

Guide to the classics

If you're anything like me, you love some classical music but struggle to remember those foreign-sounding names. Perhaps you think a movement is just something which happens in your trousers after a large curry [more]

Buying a motorbike

If you don't check first, you could presently be opening the door to a couple of goons with tight suits and itchy brass knuckles (UK: knuckle dusters), ready to relieve you of your new purchase to redeem.. [more]