Yes folks, here he is in all his original DC Comics glory. Ah, what role models we had in those days. Here we see him putting the hard word on some effete pansy with a rubber fixation, so they can spend joy filled days, squeaking around in skin tight lycra and posturing at the bad guys. I mean, who wouldn't be scared. Much safer in jail I reckon. Maybe not.

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The administrator of Flash Server would like to categorically state that the name 'Flash' has been adopted merely to reflect such bold and manly attributes as speed and response time and other tough things and in no way condones the wearing of red jump suits and rubber masks for the purpose of chasing criminals through Ravenswood or similar war zones during daylight hours..

Ah, such gripping dialogue..such complex plots! If anyone would like to re-edit the above scenes with their own warped imaginigs, send it in and I'll post it here.