A number of free PDF creators are becoming available. Most are free and easy to install and use..

doPDF installs as a virtual PDF printer driver in order to convert documents into PDF files.

To create PDF files, print documents to the doPDF Printer, just like a normal printer.

How to create PDF files from most text editors, including Microsoft Word, Notepad, textpad, Wordpad, Open Office Write:
  1. Open the text document to be converted to a PDF file
  2. Go to File | Print and select doPDF from the Printer Name: dropdown box
  3. Click on OK and choose a location for the PDF file to be saved to
Note that the document is not literally 'printed'. The system uses the print function to convert the file to a PDF.

An example using Word 2007..

An example from YouTube..

Download the doPDF installer from here..

Manufacturer's website: www.dopdf.com

FileWombatFriends - Thanks to Jane Wilson for suggesting this item.

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