Firefox is a highly popular free web browser from Mozilla. It has brought many innovations such as tabbed browsing (opening new sites in a tabbed window, rather than opening another instance of Firefox). Additionally many fans have written custom scripts to enhance Firwfox's functionality. Firefox comes in versions for the Mac and also Firefox Portable, which installs and runs from a USB drive.

Some websites are written by, well let's admit it, control freaks who include code which changes the size of the Firefox viewing window, perhaps making it full screen size when you were happily using it at the size you're happy with. I hate that. Here's how to fix it..
  1. Mac/Linux users: Click Edit > Preferences. Windows users: Tools > Options
  2. Go to the Content Tab
  3. To the right of "Enable Javascript," hit "Advanced..."
  4. Uncheck "Move or resize existing windows"

On the other hand you may wish to be able to resize Firefox yourself, to standard resolution sizes (screenshot). This is particularly handy for web designers who wish to check how their sites render at different resolutions. Get the window resizer from Firefox Addons..

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