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As a boy living in England, I wrote a lot of poetry and even won the prize in a national poetry competition, 1000 Young Poets presented at Norwich Cathedral in 1972. Since this time I've stuck mainly to writing letters home to my family when travelling (pre-internet) and to assorted articles scattered around my various websites.

And now, due to recent events, I find myself with a head full of words which are clamouring for existence..

Ode to Deb

I keep you in a place, it must be said
inside my head
where you'll ne'er be dead
You're in my bed
next to Ted
we never did wed
but I built you a shed.


The weekends are worst
as my heart starts to burst
and I feel like I'm cursed
The markets on Sunday
are less of a fun day
as I wait for Monday.

Into the unknown

The words now are flowing
tho' there's no way of knowing
where my life might be going.

Four Years

You came to my life
almost a wife
but no trouble or strife
For a season you stayed
on my bed you laid
while I sat and prayed.

Brought back from the brink

There's sometimes another
almost a lover
unlike any other
With the care of a mother
she helps me recover,
my fairy godmother.


Grief is a thief
that steals away your joy,
and leaves you standing far from home
like you're still a little boy.

The house of 1000 memories

Everywhere I go at home
I always think of you,
when I'm staring at the ceiling
when I'm sitting on the loo
when I'm working in the garden,
when I'm sitting on our chair
when I'm gazing at the view beyond
I find you're always there.


I really am trying
To stop all this crying
When I am home, alone
Then my spirit is lifted
When I am gifted
With a little message on my phone.

- AndyM

Websites, Old & New

With two decades of writing and web design under the proverbial belt I've knocked a few out over the years, it were. Some sites were ideas for other people but many I wrote for my own amusement or because I was in a stupid mood. The technical ones are for instructional purposes; a kind of online handbook of my own dilly-dallyings. Some are still going while others have been archived and are no longer updated. For the (almost) definitive list click here..

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